Read Seinen manga online for free on Mangaeffect. Seinen is a genre of manga aimed at adult male readers. In contrast to shonen, such works reveal more complex issues. And also touched on serious topics of concern to most of the stronger half of mankind. Manga of the genre can combine elements from other genres. - Violence and brutal scenes; - Romantic relationships and more explicit moments; - Comedic situations and so on. The Seinen manga authors pay the most attention to the history of the world and the development of the characters. There are not many different dynamic fight scenes here. The main audience prefers to spend more time reflecting on the development of the plot. A deeply developed story is what is offered to you in such works. And each new work of artists and writers will be unlike the previous ones. You have already read many such stories most likely. So, if you care about the plot and the stories of the characters, Seinen guarantees you hours of fascinating reading. And we promise that on our site you'll find manga to your liking and for all tastes.

One Punch Man ,Tomb Raider KingGoblin SlayerIron LadiesRecord of Ragnarok are typical representatives of this interesting genre.