There is nothing in the world more complicated than figuring out what a person wants. Manga in the genre of psychology is a special direction. It includes works that touch on the most intricate and complex aspects of our lives. Love dramas and sci-fi are entertainment for an hour or two. And psychology and questions of human behavior. These are the things that are capable of captivating us for the longest period of time.

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The most common points addressed in manga about psychology are the following. - Issues of understanding other people's actions. (What they are guided by. What events in life they rely on when making the next decision). - The desire to unravel the secret fantasies of loved ones. (How to please a girl or a guy, win their heart and soul). - Searching for their purpose in this world. (Why we exist, in what direction we can use our talents to the maximum.) - How not to lose your humanity in a series of traumas and tragedies. (Not to lose one's sanity when life has become a continuous black bar).

Reading a manga in the psychology genre you won't get much action. But if you have long wanted to know what motivates people to make certain choices in life... Such Psychological manga will definitely appeal to your taste.