I think a lot of people know what Manhwa is. So, it is a book usually drawn in the familiar anime style. However, Top manhwa are not only drawn by the Japanese, and manga is not everything that looks like a Best manga.

Manhwa comic is usually produced in color, and it is grounded in digital format. The demands of color do not come without consequences. This vast amount of work uses three-dimensional graphics to create architectural backgrounds and interiors, and it is often very noticeable.

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In a quality execution, it doesn't cut it on the eye. But in poor execution, it looks like a very bad SketchUp rendering. Also, authors often use the same sets of models for backgrounds in Korean manhwa. And the fantasy city with the castle is often the same city. We've seen it in illustrations in five other works.

In general, Koreans usually do Webtoon manhwa in a good quality story. If you're going to become a Manhwa reader. The characters are usually of more adult proportions than in modern manga. And that's a nice big plus, of course. Those familiar with Japanese name suffixes will have to relearn them.

In terms of plot on Manhwa reading, there's a nuance. In the manhwa as a story can periodically come across a fantastic bullying someone at school (bullying). And as you read it, you start to think "what if he just doesn't try to kill them. And "where the hell are all the adults." That said, the abuser can be almost omnipotent. So, they don't believe the victim, etc. This also happens to the Japanese. But less often, and more often not on this scale.

Like manga, there's been an influx of reincarnation stories lately. In addition, there are more works about professional gamers and online games. They are roughly the same style. There are exceptions, but they are less common.