Read shounen manga online for free on Mangaeffect. The Shounen genre of manga is a branch of creativity of Japanese and Chinese artists. So, it's aimed exclusively at a male audience of readers. If you translate the word "shōnen" literally from Japanese, it means "boy, young man. Accordingly, such works contain what would be nice to see the representatives of the stronger half of mankind: - Courageous heroes going on risky exploits; - Personal drama of characters based on betrayal, deception, and friendship; - Romantic relationships with sexy ladies; - A dynamic plot with a lot of action scenes. As a rule, the main character in such manga is an unremarkable character. He has to go through hard trials and gain experience, constantly working on himself and getting stronger. In the end, we see the metamorphosis of the hero, who from an unsophisticated youngster turns into a real man, with real problems. In short, if you like dynamics, violence and lots of action scenes, then the manga of the shonen genre is what you need. So, only here you will meet the mind-blowing beauties that the hero seeks to conquer. We wish you a pleasant reading experience!