In Action Manga you can find lots of action scenes and chases. Why do I love this genre? Hardcore I guess, but it's just my favorite genre because it's often found in conjunction with others. It's the genre that's at the top of my list. This genre comes first in terms of the number of Top manhwa I've loved and read, and I've Read Action Manga a lot.

These are spectacular works with a highly dynamic narrative. A genre replete with fight scenes of all kinds: fights, chases, and the like. The plot, despite the strong emotional tension, is usually fast and dynamic, and the main emphasis is on fights and battles. The plot necessarily develops around confrontation. Traditional Bleach is a perfect example of an Action Manga.

On our site, you have a unique opportunity to read Colored manga in the Action genre. You will experience a lot of bright and positive emotions when you see Japanese Comics. This genre will always be my favorite, especially in Chinese Manhua and Korean Manhwa.