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Read Webtoon online for free on Mangaeffect.  South Korea is a country that has made drawing comics a mass activity that involves not only pros but also students, clerks and housewives. This was made possible by the unique culture there of publishing comics online on special platforms. That's how webtunes came to be, and we've gathered all the most important things you need to know about them. Webtoon is a Korean invention; the term also appeared in Korea in 2003. Before that, the common name was "Internet comics". The earliest webtunes were comic books scanned and glued together in a long horizontal strip. The next generation differed from the previous generation only in flash effects and the ability to zoom the image. Webtunes, to which modern readers are accustomed, appeared in the first half of the noughties and were first made in the form of vertically oriented strips. The graphics got better and gradients became popular. Comic books have been a great source of inspiration for other art forms. More than 140 books have been written based on whole stories or some fragments, and several video games have been developed. Webtunes are quite lucrative. According to Naver, some of their authors make up to $80,000 a month. Characters in well-known webcomics promote games and other products unrelated to them in any way. Manhwa  also make money from the brand they create by licensing it and the characters. The simplest example is paid stickers in the messengers Kakao Talk and Line.

Tomb Raider KingThe Great Mage Returns After 4000 YearsThe God Of High SchoolThe Legendary Moonlight Sculptor are typical representatives of this interesting genre.