Shoujo manga is a specific branch of the manga genre. So, romantic stories of fictional characters and character development features are most often found there in Top manga. Most fans of the work of Japanese Comics call Shoujo the Best manga genre for themselves. Such works are easy to read, and the actions of the characters reflect the essence of our desires and motivations. It is better to learn from the mistakes of fictional characters than to make them ourselves in Top manhua.

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Very often the world of Shoujo Manhwa comic can be confused with the real one. The quality and plausibility of the events in it are shown in such a way. Yes, it can seem very simple in a Chinese manhua. And therefore, and in life can be the same. You meet a proud prince on a white horse, and you have a catharsis after that. So, sometimes our expectations are crushed by harsh reality, and then we run back to find the right manga. Where the Heroine encounters similar events.

Manhwa reading in Shoujo genre is recommended for both young and older audiences. So, we recommend reading the works presented on our website. Enjoy interesting stories and romantic experiences and compare the story of the current characters with your own!