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Reading manga drama is a special genre. Events there unfold in a special way and there ara scenes of love and a combination of drama. Dramas specifically show, the private life of man and his social conflicts. At the same time the emphasis is often placed on universal contradictions.

The drama deals with hero's social and personal problems. He finds himself in and unfamiliar difficult situation. Medical Return or Rent a girlfriend are the best manga example in this genre.

This manga usually evokes strong emotions of tension and/or sadness in the reader. The protagonist experiences difficult situations, but the ending is always good.

The search for oneself, relationships with loved ones, and the difficulties of achieving one's dreams... So, all this is life in all its simple complexity! Serious plots and emotions are pounding. Fate is about to play a cruel joke. And the thread of life is about to break. One has such a complicated life, and the reading manga drama...That is sure you will be remind of that.