Colored manga

Colored manga is comic books or graphic books originating in Japan. Many of them conform to a Japanese style developed in the late 20th century. The word manga is also used in Japan to describe cartoons and comics. Some western publishers have identified five key styles. So, there are Action, Fantasy and Romance. Plus, Josei and Shoujo. Top manhwa reader can select the type of comics they prefer, to form an interest in Top manhua trends.

So, at our site, we paint with AI technology. Some titles turn out just fine. Others are not as good as we would like them to be. We are constantly working to make it as good as possible for you. Online Reading Manga for free is the motto of our site. Post your comments about the colored chapters you're reading.  It will help you to always be online with us. And feel like MANGAEFFECT is always with me.

All Colored manga are under this separate tag. You can sort them however you want. We try to make only the most popular titles in color. But if you would like to see something made with AI, let us know.