Translated Mangas

In this section, we will publish Translated Mangas that our translators are working on. Here you'll be able to find the latest updates in English that aren't available on other sites (unless they downloaded them from us of course.

Right now we're working on selecting the Manga Reading that is the most popular and interesting. We've already made a list of 50 Manga. You can offer your variants for translation on our Discord server or our  Manga Reddit. An invitation to it is posted on the Home Page section we will publish Translated Manga that our translators are working on.

If any of you are willing to help us Translate Good Manga, then write to us. We will discuss all variants of cooperation.

Everybody should understand that very few people are willing to Read Manga For Free. That's why we pay our translators money. This money we get for the advertising views, which we have on our MANGA SITE. So please be lenient with advertisements. It is really necessary for new Translated mangas to appear.