Josei manga is a separate branch of Japanese Comics. The stories are usually aimed at an adult female audience. This Best manga genre became popular in the middle of the last century. At that time authors (mostly women too) started to raise difficult issues and adult themes in their works.

Eventually, shoujo evolved into Josei manga. And now it is very popular with female fans of foreign authors and artists. More often than not, a young girl is at the center of the Manhwa comic plot. She faces a lot of personal problems. Whether it is her concern for her career or her desire to meet the perfect man. It can be a relationship with girlfriends and coworkers, lovers and suitors. Often, the Josei manga in the genre Josei is full of bed scenes and frank conversations. And these moments are very often disturbing for female readers as well.

All love relationships here in Josei manga are less idealized. But rather shown from a real point of view. This is done so that fans of the genre could get as close to the character of the main characters. If you have always been interested in watching the development of relationships between girls and women? Or to find out what they experience in certain situations, you'll find Korean manhwa to your liking.