Read Sci-fi manga online for free on Mangaeffect. Science fiction, as a separate genre of manga. It is representing by famous authors in a fairly wide range. This direction, based on technology and scientific achievements of our (or not quite) world. It also includes the following themes: - Giant Robots. - Alternative stories of world development. - Parallel worlds that are an exact copy or the opposite of ours. - Fictional futures, and so on. Almost every action of the main characters in the manga of the science fiction genre is justified. The artists are trying to imagine how humanity will develop in the future. If there is an emphasis on a particular technology. As a result, we can observe the adventures of the characters in space. Or their movement to other worlds, or survival in a world that has experienced cataclysm. In this section for you to gather the most successful works of the genre of Sci-fi! These works are able to give a lot of positive emotions to all. Especially those who are interested in fantasizing on the topic "and what would be if ...". Interesting stories and incredible adventures are already waiting for their valiant heroes!