Read Tragedy manga online for free on Mangaeffect. Tragedy is always a sad and sad event. That is why manga in this genre are able to arouse a storm of emotions in readers. Worrying about the main characters, their fates and the consequences of their actions induces us to leaf through page after page in the hope that everything will end happily. But, unfortunately, our expectations are not always met by the authors' imagination.

Tragedy Manga Reading.

As a rule, manga in the genre of tragedy contain the intensity of the passions and experiences faced by the main characters. We involuntarily associate ourselves with the characters and think about how we would have acted in this or that case. Loss of loved ones, suffering from hopelessness, loss of purpose in life - what other sorrows could happen? It seemed, where else could be worse, but fate constantly throws the characters more and more tests.

We invite you to read the most successful and popular manga in the genre of tragedy on our website. Are the heroes of these works able to survive all the trials and vicissitudes of fate? What will they be at the end, when they will no longer have the strength to take a step forward? Find out all this in the plots of the works of iconic authors.