Yuno Black Clover

Yuno Black Clover  has a calm, balanced character; he displays emotion only when absolutely necessary. He has a quiet, balanced temperament and shows emotion only when it is strictly necessary. Despite his reticence and isolation, Yuno dreams of becoming a Mage King.

He has a bit of a competitive edge to him, and at times is willing to go to any lengths to fight back against opponents. Yuno Black Clover  is the exact opposite of his friend Asta. He is a gifted boy, a true genius of magic, able to develop his skills and improve them through grimoire and training.

Yuno uses Windbending to call upon the air currents, and more often than not uses a whirlwind to knock opponents out of the fight. He also has the Magic of Creation which allows him to create different objects. He also uses Spirit Magic to summon the spirit of vengeance, such as summoning the wind spirit Sylphide.

Yuno was an experienced mage long before he got the grimoire, so his magical abilities are above average. The boy is adept at combining three types of magic with each other and can use two different spells at once. This gives Yuno Black Clover the right to fight both opponents at once on equal footing.

He is sensitive to the mana around him: he can feel it and see the mana flows. For him it takes the form of winged creatures. He is adept at mana and uses it to protect and fortify his own body.

Yuno Black Clover has a Four Leaf Clover grimoire at his fifteenth birthday ceremony. Visually, it is similar to the one the Wizard King once received, with a gold cover and a four-leaf clover inset in the center.