Noelle Black Clover

Noelle Black Clover is a noblewoman and the second daughter of the ruling family of the Kingdom of Clover, House Silver. She is also the youngest Knight-character of the 3rd class of the Black Bull and the royal knight of the land of Clover. Though Noelle Black Clover was an aristocrat, her life wasn't all that chocolaty, especially as a child. Noelle's mother, Asier Silver, died in childbirth, so she grew up without her mother along with her older brothers and sister. Who did not openly like her, even rather disdainfully.

Mostly they hated her because she was the reason their mother died. And later they hated her because she couldn't control her magic. And that's basically a disgrace to the royal family. But as it turned out recently, if you've read the manga of course. The reason why they did that to her, at least that's what Nozell said, is that they loved her. He was the only person he could think of who would be proud of his mother, and he didn't do anything to make her proud. But after she died he couldn't get over the loss, though at first you wouldn't tell from his cold-blooded look.

Noelle has aristocratic origins, her parents being rich, which influenced her character. She is conceited and arrogant, and chooses her surroundings to match. In his own mistakes are always blamed on other people, does not accept the fact that can be wrong.

Noelle Black Clover

At the same time, she considers herself inferior. Noelle Black Clover was rejected by her family when they found out that Noelle can't control her power. This fact negatively affects her relationships with other people, as the girl is afraid that people will treat her the same way her family does.

Noel possesses the Magic of Water. With it, the girl manipulates water and creates streams. Most often she uses magic to create water spheres to hurl them at the enemy. She also has the Magic of Creation, which allows her to create water creatures at will.

Her three-leaf clover grimoire, which she needs to enhance the Magic of Water, helps her to resist her enemies. Her book has a cream cover and a beautiful trefoil in the center. Noelle also wields a wand that helps her better control her magic.

Anyway, Noelle reminded Noel of their dead mother, so he decided to protect her. And for some reason, he did it in such a strange way. As he explained, Noel was weak, so she might die, so he and his family oppressed her so that she would fall down and restrain herself so that she wouldn't be in danger in the future. That's about as far as I can tell. But come on. Anyway, at some point in the manga when Noelle Black Clover gets really strong, stronger than her relatives.

 Noel admits Noel and asks for forgiveness. And says that even in such an unpleasant situation for her she became strong. And after that Solide recognized her and said that she became stronger and therefore will do everything to surpass her as he is her elder brother. In short, their relationship in the future will be fixed.