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Nero Black Clover

Nero Black Clover - Sikra, Lumiere's former servant, transformed into Nero the Bird after she sealed the first Mage King into a statue with Sealing Magic. Five centuries later she met Asta and decided to stay with him. This is how she accompanies the protagonist along his journey.

In human form Nero Black Clover has a cute appearance, in bird form she has two tails that form an arrow at the end. The bird is unemotional and irritable, giving Asta no rest and constantly pecking his head. In this way it expresses its opinion on this or that statement of the hero.

Nero Black Clover is loyal to Asta, she always takes his side. When a friend is in difficulty, the bird helps him. For example, it points out to Asta where to find the artifact in the dungeon. At the same time, Nero remains faithful to her former master Lumiere and is ready to follow him into the afterlife when his body is emaciated and destroyed.

In her human form, Sikra possessed the Sealing Magic. It allowed her to seal and unseal magic, objects, and people. In doing so, she sealed herself in the body of Nero the bird. The girl also successfully used the Magic of Healing. In Nero Black Clover form these skills remained, while she developed the ability to sense at a distance the location of valuable artifacts.