When I was in college, my friend Rob and I would get together every Friday night to start our weekly MyReadingManga reading together. I'd pull out my comics and he'd pull out his own Mangahere. We alternated which volumes we would read. And I would flip through them, trying to find the comics I wanted. It was great because it made me pay attention and really think about what I was reading.

I recently found out that MyReadingmanga has a reading fan site. Each month, a new group of readers is selecting basing on different criteria. And they get a certain number of Manga Pages to read per month. They also get access to behind-the-scenes information and discussions. So, I don't know if this site has made much of an impact on me. But it's nice to have that opportunity. I'm much less likely to have to stop reading halfway through. If there's something I need to know more about, or a specific question I'm pondering.

MyReadingmanga Here

My favorite part of MyReadingmanga is the Colored Manga Pages, where you can see some artwork. Each month's selection is artistically beautiful. And the quality of the pages is superb. So, the pages themselves are not just filling with beautiful panels. But they also have plenty of room to show the variety of things. You can do this with any of your favorite Manga Panels. The site is organizing by creator page. So you can easily go to the artist's page for a particular series. There is also a special Manga Updates every week. All the best pages from the past week are downloading.

I really like the Manga Icons that are used to designate certain MyReadingmanga pages. You can choose from a variety of popular icons. Including a bookmark button that takes you to a particular chapter in the story. I like how easy it is to switch between panels and chapters.

Overall, MyReadingmanga Here is a great site for anyone who loves Manga Icons. The site is updated every day. And if you have a favorite series that you've recently read, you'll definitely want to come here to read it again. This is an updated site with all new Mangago related articles, and they are also updated on a regular basis. It's a quick and easy way to get MangaPark updates. If you love anime, this site is definitely for you.