Manhua Scan

On the example of working with Manhua Scan I will tell you everything. I don't know whether it's unfortunately or fortunately, but I decided to start with the most trivial things. This is the organization of the process and other conventions. So, let's go!

"Scanlate is an amateur translation of comics, most often Manga, into a foreign language. It comes from scanlate, which is a combination of scanning and translating.

Only 5-10 years ago such processes took place exclusively in forums. In principle, in any community little has changed over this time. Except that now almost everyone can afford to organize a forum. More clever moved into different TIME-chats or, at worst, in Skype. And all activity is not conducting through file exchangers, but quite decent cloud storage with shared access.

Manhua Scan

It is much more convenient to do all the work there. I create a folder with Manhua Scan, give access to whoever needs it, and that's it. Translators create text files with translations right there, and editors edit them later. Manga RAW provider (if you have one) also sends Manhua Scan there, and cleansers and time setters work with them. And it's all in one folder, which is shared by all computers that have access to it. Very convenient.

Get Manhua Scan. Put them in a common folder. Translator and editor do their part. At the same time, the cleaner cleans them up and brings them to the desired state. When all these steps are ready, the timer puts it all together into a finished chapter. He puts the text on the pages and prepares the archive with the chapter for release. After the finished chapter is sent to the team site/online readers (usually all at once). About the translation and editing, in fact, there is nothing to tell. But about the latter two processes we plan to talk in more detail in future posts.