Manga Park

Mangaeffect - Hot Manga Park is a unique online comics site. It features a large number of pages from original titles and hundreds of different Japanese comics. They are all drawn in high resolution and are free to use on your PC or laptop. You can choose from an endless assortment of Manga Pages that vary in size. This makes it quick and easy to read the different sections of the comic book. This makes the site ideal for people who enjoy reading comics. But at the same time don't like to take long walks through comic book stores.

Each panel of the site is divided by sections of Manga Park. So, each section features Manga Pages. Each new section gives you the ability to navigate to specific pages. For example, when you open a new tab. If you want to read the best pages, just click on the Hot Manga tab. And it's the Top pages that will open. To go back to the top page, just click on the page you were on before.

Hot Manga Park - Mangaeffect also has alternate Colored Manga Panels. They are displaying separately depending on what you are viewing. When you switch between the two panels, you will definitely see a difference. You can even slow down time while reading by highlighting certain words or images.

Manga Park - Mangaeffect

Hot Manga Park is working to also offer Manga Wallpaper for download. A wallpaper is basically a screensaver that will add some color to your computer screen. Many wallpapers are offered with a choice of either animated frames from the anime series. Or blank frames that bring comic book characters to life. The wallpaper may change every week, so you'll never run out of new wallpapers to download.

If you love Hot Manga park, this Mangaeffect site is definitely for you. All of the above features would not be available without this site, and considering it has over 2 000 Reading manga downloads, it's definitely worth your time.