Japanese comics

Japanese Comics born as a genre after World War II. Osamu Tezuka watched Disney and decided to translate what he saw into Japanese. Or so it seems. That's how Astro Boy came about, then a bunch of other works followed, and eventually an anime emerged.

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Japanese Comics these days tend to be black and white, with a color cover and the occasional color page at the beginning and end. On our site you have a unique opportunity to read Colored manga by AI technology. You will experience a lot of bright and positive emotions when you see them. There is a great amount of the Top manhwa out there in this beautiful genre.

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Due to its rich history and lingering interest, a huge number of Japanese Comics has been translated into ... English and occasionally Russian, and there's a wide range of genres, drawing styles, and material quality. From masterpieces to violent trash, from almost children's drawings to realism. From stories for children, to serious stories for adults. In both ways. There is a lot of material, digging and digging.

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