Fantasy Manga

Fantasy genre are most often resembling a historical-adventure novel. Its action takes place in a fictional world. So, it can be close to the real Middle Ages and its characters encounter supernatural and creatures. Often Fantasy manga in this genre are based on archetypal plots.

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Very often the genre of Fantasy Top manga involves events that take place in fictional worlds. They are close in style to the old Middle Ages. The main characters encounter various trials and events. And they involve supernatural beings. As well as fictional personalities. They often have fantastic abilities. Here in Japanese Comics you can easily meet both ordinary people and elves and dragons. And each of them will please you with its unique story.

Fantasy Top manhwa does not seek to explain the world in which the work takes place in terms of science. This world itself exists fictitiously, and often its location in relation to our reality is not stipulated in any way. Either it is a parallel world or another planet, and its physical laws may differ from those of Earth.

This Top manhua genre will always be my favorite, especially in Chinese manhua and Korean manhwa. It's where the heroes walk then through the forest. or in the desert or even among the wastelands with monster bones.

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