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Read Best Manga free online at thissite. So, all readers are aware of these popular Japanese comics. Of course, among the hot one's there are also Korean manhwa and Chinese manhua. So, unchanged conditions as always remains that here you Read manhwa online for free in English.

Top manga are available for reading on any kind of device. This includes phones and tablets. So, some of them are colored with AI on our website. You can’t find this on other webs.  It's unique and you can only find it on MANGAEFFECT.

Every Top manhua has its own style and genre. There are Romance, Fantasy and Action genres. So, they are also divided by audience. Again, there are Shounen, Shoujo and Seinen. All of them are sure to find their readers and please them with their art.

Action genre are action-adventure stories with strong heroines, usually teenagers. They are extremely popular among young boys and often include fighting, intense duels, and adventure. So, they contain many violent acts. And battles, including suicide attempts, intense fighting. And betrayal among the main characters. Because of their exciting beginning, most action Top Manga Readers remain interested in continuing these types of genre for many years.

Some types of Webtoon manhwa are very popular among readers. Who like Fantasy, Action, Horror and Romance. These are also among the most Popular mangas.