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Yami Black Clover

Yami Black Clover Sukehiro is the captain of a band of wizard knights called the Unbridled Black Bull. Also known as the God of Destruction. And is one of the strongest mages in the Clover Kingdom.

Phrase for life: "Surpass yourself!"

Yami Black Clover story begins on a certain small island (the wiki says it's the Land of the Sun). Where the vast majority of the population was a fisherman, and so was he. One day, as a teenager, Yami was out at sea to cast a net. But his boat got caught in a big storm and he was very lucky to make it to shore alive. However, after the current swept him into the Clover Kingdom. He was never able to return to his homeland.

Thus Yami Black Clover Sukehiro became a foreigner, a renegade. All that remained of his past life was a katana. The situation was exacerbated by his rare and peculiar magic, which frightened people. Unrecognized by anyone, he survived somehow until the current Mage King. Then Captain of the Golden Dawn, Julius Novakrono, noticed Yami's natural talent. And invited him to join the ranks of the Mage Knights.

Yami Black Clover

He served under Novacrono for a time, when he gained his mutual trust. In fact, the Mage King is the only person Yami speaks of with exceptional respect.

It was Yami Sukehiro who was with the King of Mages until the very last minute of his life, becoming the successor to his will. He vowed to the dying king to protect at all costs the kingdom for which he laid down his life.

For the moment, history is silent on the rest.

To summarize, it can be said that Yami Black Clover was not an easy one. And, perhaps because he himself senses kindred spirits in the boys. He so unmistakably notices the potential of newcomers and quietly accepts into his merry family those on whom other people have long since given up on.