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Licht Black Clover

Licht Black Clover is a fair-skinned tall elf with graceful features, the leader of his race. He used to be merciful and kind. But, Always advocating peace and friendship between the two peoples. So, he was loyal to his friends and never lost faith in a bright future, defending other heroes.

Elf, leader of the White Night Eye organization.

A tall man with a slender build, fair skin. And somewhat feminine facial features. But, his eyebrows are shaved to form a pair of dark-colored dots, a symbol of nobility. Licht Black Clover has tattoos in the form of two red crescents with three buds framing his golden-brown eyes. So, Liht's hair is braided into long, thin plaits at the back. And he has an unusual jeweled headdress with a cross-shaped decoration. And an eye carved in the center on top of it, partially covering his forehead. He also wears a variety of jewelry that includes looping earrings.

Licht Black Clover

Extremely caring about his followers. Also very fond of his people, which was especially evident when Catherine and George claimed they would never betray him. Speaks highly of one particular person and deeply despises Asta for possessing a grimoire of the five-leaf clover and two anti-magic swords, which he claims belong to that person.

As a child, always came to Vetto's aid. Claimed that one day he and the humans would understand each other. After Licht's wedding ceremony, the home village of his elf friends fell at the hands of humans.

One day the demon Zagred organized a massacre in an elven village. After which all its inhabitants except Licht Black Clover died. As the leader of the community, he was transformed into a powerful demon with the help of a magic stone. But was killed by Lumiere. He was later resurrected by Sikra, and since that time, Licht no longer shows emotion and has little contact with those around him.

Licht Black Clover, like all elves, is endowed with unlimited magical powers. Uses non-elemental magic without elemental attribute. Can manipulate light and energy. Elf has excellent healing and self-healing skills, as well as enhanced sensory perception. Uses a four-leaf clover grimoire with Sword Magic spells as an auxiliary device.