Charmy Black Clover

Charmy Black Clover is a petite girl with short black hair. Usually tied back in a tight bun, revealing a wide forehead, green eyes. And thin dark eyebrows. As a rule, Chami wears a light colored sweatshirt with a pocket in the middle, black loafers, and a typical squad cape.

The girl's appearance does not match her age. So it is quite difficult to determine it "by eye. For example, when Chami and Yami Sukehiro meet the Mage King, he mistakes her for the Captain's daughter.

Being an extremely big fan of food, Charmy Black Clover is always focused on food. During travels, any movements with the squad. And even in extreme situations, she takes care to satisfy her hunger. Also, she can be thrown off balance by the news that someone wants to take away her treats.

In addition, Charmy Black Clover sympathizes with Yuno after the young man catches the food flying away from the girl and brings it back.

Supernatural energy inherent in all humans, but only mages are able to use it for magic. And the more mana in a person, the stronger he is. Mana each person has a property of one of the four basic elements (fire, water, air, earth). Or side branches (lightning, ice, fog, etc.), but it also happens that a person does not possess a particular element. Or even devoid of mana, using instead of magic antimagic, although this is very rare. A person's magic weakens with age.

Charmy Black Clover has a large mana pool, which can vary depending on her mood. If she fights as always, her mana remains at its usual level. But when she is angry about something or food is nearby. Or if someone gets in her way, her mana level rises dramatically.